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EBike Battery, EV Charger, Motor and Bike Conversion Kit

E-Bike Central Motor, Botttle Battery

Battery shipment for Australia is available now and it is custom duties free channel. Battery shipment for Europe please chooses "EU via Netherland" which is custom duties free channel; it would take about 8-13 days for this channel, please be noted. If you fail to place order on our website, please clean cookies of your browser to try. If your failed to register on our website, please open your browser cookies and try. We currently developed Bafang M33 spanner, and we will provide it for free if you order the bbs kits. For motor orders, EU customers can choose "EU via Netherland" to avoid custom duties. If your question email does not get replied in time, please resend emails to us because sometimes mails would be sent to junk mailbox automatically.